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Air Conditioner Air Cooler Portable 4 in 1 Mini USB Fan Purifier Humidifier Desktop Cooling Fan 3 Speeds For Home Room Office

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【Personal Space Cooler 】 : This Portable Cooler is designed to create a personal temperature environment, combine fans, air circulators, evaporative coolers and atomized humidifiers to help you get a cool and fresh summer. Perfect for hot and dry climates.

【Quick Cooling & Timer Function 】:This air cooler could make the temperature drop 5-7℃ quickly after you add the ice water . Please make the unit around your side within 30-50cm.

【New Upgraded Version】:This air cooler has upgraded the powerful & quiet motor to reduce noise to 45 dB, adopted evaporative misting technology to achieve low energy consumption. 3 wind speeds opintions ,the maximal fan rotating speed arrives to 3m/s,manual up-down to adjust blowing direction in 80 degree ,creat your own personal cooling zone.

: Low Energy Consumption same as the power consumption of a light bulb,uses no freon,much cheaper than running a freon air conditioner in Hot Summer Days.No blades exposed no possibility to hurt people and totally safe for using by kids or pets.

【MULTIPLE POWER SUPPLY METHODS】: You can use the USB port of mobile devices such as laptops for power supply. Use the charger to supply power through the wall outlet. With mobile power supply, 12 hrs working time via 2000mAh power bank, don't worry about power failure.


- Color:Green
- Enjoy a Comfortable Temperature & Fresh Air Upgarded Powerful Alloy Silent Motor
- Rapid cooling down with the powerful motor - Use unique technology to reduce noise to 45 dB
- Low Energy Consumption motor to save your bills
- Adjustable Wind Speeds & Direction The air cooler is designed with 3 wind speeds, you can choose an ideal speed to cool as your different need anytime.
- The wind outlet blade of this air cooler fan can be 80°adjusted up and down like air conditioning.
- Easy to Fill Water and Clean. Just open the back buckle to refill the water, full add 300ml water to the tank can continuously spray cooling mist for 3-5 hours.
-This air conditioner fan can be disassembled and washed to effectively avoid the dust and scale.


Package includes:
1 x Personal Air cooler
1 x USB Cable

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