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10pcs Kitchen Utensil Set Silicone Cooking Tools Stainless Steel Handle Tongs Opener Vegetable Peeler Kitchen Tools Set

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10Pcs set silicone stainless steel handle kitchen utensils

Product description :

Material: food-grade silicone, food-grade stainless steel


Soup spoon: length 31.5cm* width 9cm 92g

Cooking spoon: length 34.5cm* width 7cm 92g

Leakage spoon: length 35cm* width 10.2cm 99g

Frying shovel: length 35.5cm* width 8.2cm 93g

Spaghetti: 34.5cm long and 6.3cm wide 84g

Scraper: length 35.5cm* width 6.2cm 94g

Food clip: length 34cm* width 4.5cm 307g

Eggbeater: length 30.5cm* width 7cm 72g

Bottle opener: length 19cm* width 5.2cm 170g

Double-head planer: length 18cm* width 8.2cm 90g

Net weight: 1193g

Colour: Black

Uses: for baking, kitchen cooking, etc.

1. The product adopts European and American standard food grade silicone material, which meets FLGB and FDA contact food grade hygiene standards. This product is exported to European and American commodities and has passed FDA or EU FLGB testing certification.

2. Food grade silicone material, with high toughness, corrosion resistance and stability. Heat resistant temperature -40  C ~ 260  C can be used for cooking without sticks

3. The edge is thin and soft, very flexible, easy to mix cream, batter and other baking purposes can be used for the cooking of non-stick cooking utensils

4. Stainless steel handle design, durable and durable, the overall molding design is effective to prevent bacterial growth, and easy to clean intimate suspension holes for convenient storage

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