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4pcs Titanium Broken Bolt Double Side Damage Screw Remover Extractor Drill Bits Easy Out Stud Reverse Screw Extractor Tool Kit

$13.99 $16.09

Feature :

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality
For both left and right hand threads, rapid and portable
3. Made of good quality S2 alloy steel + ti material, durable to use.
4. Designed to remove the screw, pipe and bolts have been damaged

Steps :
1. With the speed can be change and direction of the electric drill.
2. The first thing to determine when using extractor and ensure the safety of the tool and will not be moving.
3. The screw head be damaged thicker than extractor, with the drilling head end drill a hole (enough) in the middle of the screw head.
4. Reverse screw extractor and into the damaged screw counterclockwise, until removed.


Type : Spade Drill Bit

Type : Screw Extractor

Material: Alloy Steel

Size: 8.6cm x 6cm x 2.5cm

Special features: S2 Alloy Steel Material + Ti

Surface Treatment : Titanium Plating

Package includes:

4pcs * Screw Extractor

1pc * Retail Package

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